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Finding Our Hearts

September 15, 2021 4:00:pm
ACT Workshops w/Tom Szabo

Our Alaskan Oasis (#OurAO) Homeschool Collective is excited to welcome Tom Szabo who will be sharing space with us on Wednesdays beginning September 15th, 2021, at 4:00PM Alaska time (5PST/8EST) for 10 weeks!!

Tom was the founding professor in the Florida Institute of Technology hybrid master's degree program and is now developing a brand new master's degree program in behavior analysis for Touro University in Nevada. He is also the director of family guidance for Autism Care West in Nevada. He focuses on the needs of parents and other caregivers.

Additionally, he is the Second Chair of Commit and Act International. Commit and Act works with their colleagues in Sierra Leone, West Africa, who endured a very severe civil war that ended in 2005, after which they started doing work with them on assisting people who have been victims of gender based violence.

Subsequently, they started a program called Dare to Connect, which is for couples working to change the way that they relate and partner with each other. They help couples both develop partnership skills and develop a collective agricultural business. They've been doing that now for five years, and they've helped over 500 couples.

This coming Wednesday, Tom will begin his leg of our Homeschool Collective journey with us. He'll be giving six (6) classes on Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) work and four (4) classes on building cooperative behavior (BCB).

The first class in the ACT series is called Find Your Heart and he will be working with us on identifying what's most important for us, what we long for in our lives as parents, as human beings, and as partners.

Below is the schedule for the 6-Part ACT series:

9/15/21 ACT 1: Find Your Heart

9/29/2 ACT 2: Watch Your Thinking

10/13/21 ACT 3: Practice Willingness to Experience Life’s Ups and Downs

10/27/21 ACT 4: Return to the Now

11/10/19 ACT 5: Who You Are is Not What You Think

11/17/21 ACT 6: Doing the Next Right Thing

Click here to check out the 4-Part BCB series which starts on 9/22/21 during which Tom will teach us ways to stay close in the midst of difficulties, ways to use reinforcement that helps to improve the quality of the behavior that the kids we're raising engage in when they're around us, and ways to set expectations so that our kids know what we'd like them to do.

What you will learn

Learn how to develop flexible ways of relating to our emotions.
Learn how to develop flexible ways of relating to our thoughts.
Learn how to develop flexible ways of relating to time.
Learn how to develop flexible ways of relating to our impressions about ourselves and other people.
Learn how to develop flexible ways of relating to our sense of what's important.
Learn how to take action as we develop more flexible ways of relating.
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Duration - 2 Hours
Date - September 15, 2021 4:00 pm
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Add-on 1-hour of Weekly Family Coaching
(1x per week for 10-weeks) = +$750/family
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(4x per week for 10-weeks) = +$1500/learner
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Additional Term Workshops

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