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About Alaskan Oasis

About us

Our Mission

Origin Story...

When we began building this collective, it was with the intention of recruiting and training Direct Instruction Literacy Coaches to serve the educational needs of students around the world.

While that is still our long-term vision, we quickly realized that in order for us to accomplish that big, hairy, audacious goal, we need to slow down and focus on the heart of the matter first: YOU!

You and your families are the heart of this collective and the reason it exists. Whether you’re a member or a spectator, we hope to create a place where everyone feels welcome and heard.

Our goal this school year is to grow our collective, one family at a time, through our family support workshop series, family literacy coaching, and direct academic instruction.

We aim to empower collective members to implement homeschool curriculum based on PAX Tools, Direct Instruction, Precision Teaching, and Self-Directed Education.

As collective members learn and grow together, our hope is that many will choose to embrace educational paths founded in the science of behavior and learning to maximize their potential.

The high school students and community members who follow this educational path will have the opportunity to be trained to implement a more advanced academic intervention curriculum.

The long-term vision is for those trained as Direct Instruction Literacy Coaches to be able to serve the supplemental educational needs of kids and adults in their community.

Our Mission at Our Alaskan Oasis Homeschool Collective is to create a network of homeschool families who are…

Empowered with tools, skills, and strategies to maximize their effectiveness as parents, homeschool teachers, and community members.
Dedicated to implementing homeschool programs founded in Direct Instruction, Precision Teaching, PAX Tools and Self-Directed Education.
Prepared to serve the needs of those children and adults in their communities who are in need of remedial and supplemental literacy instruction.

Our Values

At Our Alaskan Oasis, our values are captured in our commitment to #ACTwithPRIDE!!
Action | Commitment | Training | Precision | Respect | Integrity | Determination | Enthusiasm

#OurAO Daily Affirmations

We live resourcefully and sustainably.
We embody peace, love and joy.
We effectively advocate for change.
We fuel genuine heart connections.
We know who we are as a family.
We are strong and self-assured.
We are confident and motivated.
We are happy, vibrant and full of life.
We totally love and accept ourselves.
We are enough and all we can be.
We are committed to taking action.
We #ACTwithPRIDE every day!
Abigail is a humanistic behavioral scientist, creative writer, and data-driven optimist who strives to empower others with effective tools, skills, and strategies that are deeply rooted in the science of behavior and learning. 

She serves families and educators in rural Alaska (and beyond) who are homeschooling their children, or supporting remote learners, through the homeschool collective she and her partner launched this year, Our Alaskan Oasis. In the long-run she aims to develop a network of Direct Instruction Literacy Coaches throughout the world who are equipped with curriculum and implementation skills, and adequately prepared to serve the needs of the children, families, and communities in which they live. 

Her life mission is to create positive change wherever she goes, and leave the world a better place for the future ancestors of this incredible land we choose to call home… Lingít Aaní - Turtle Island - Earth.

Abigail Twyman

M.Ed. BCBA #1-09-5694
Board Certified Behavior Analyst