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Homeschool Support That Actually Helps

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Whether you are a homeschool parent or supporting a remote learner, we know many of you are feeling disconnected. We are cultivating a community of families just like yours! Whether you currently live in Alaska, or simply wish you did, we aim to provide you with the support you need to make your homeschooling journey as peaceful, fun, and effective as humanly possible for everyone. All are welcome!
Pax Skills being taught to child.

Need More Nurturance?

Do you want to build stronger and more nurturing relationships with your children?!? We are excited to host free PAX Tools Community Workshops through the month of January. We're learning together!

Come join this fun and unique learning opportunity with Our Alaskan Oasis during one of our January workshops on 1/7, 1/14 or 1/21 - 10am-12pm Alaska Time on Zoom. Register using the link below!

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Way Behind In Reading?

Come learn skills, tools, and strategies for making reading instruction easier, more effective, and surprisingly more fun for everyone! Our approach will feel like second nature!

We are passionate about teaching homeschool families to teach all literacy skills through Direct Instruction - beginning with Reading! We coach ... YOU teach ... YOUR children!
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Kids Falling Further Behind?

We understand the needs of families with children who have been let down and left behind by the educational system. You are our reason for being. Please reach out!

Our Direct Instruction services are for those families who are in most need of support and guidance. We coach your family. We teach your children... together!! 
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Join Our 2021 - 2022
Family Support Workshops

Join us live or on your own time
We believe that there is power in coming together to learn and grow as a collective. There are many things for which we could all use a hand sometimes, and we’re excited to welcome your family! Come learn with us!

Finding Our Hearts

Learn tools to make homeschool smoother, more effective, and way more fun!!

Hearting Our Charts

Find out why your children continue to struggle and how you can really help!!

Charting Our Hearts

Collaborate as families to create shared visions and clear plans for getting there.
Family workshops

Our Alaskan Oasis

Direct Instruction Literacy Coaches

Our long-term vision is to create a network of Direct Instruction Literacy Coaches who are empowered to serve the needs of students across Alaska and beyond!
The educational outcome and long-term adverse effects data from the State of Alaska paint a rather bleak picture for our future. The sad reality is that if we do not come together and do something to shift the narrative, then nothing will ever change.

There is hope to be found in the educational research that has been done across the past 50 years, combined with the traditional wisdom of our elders and ancestors. We truly believe that we have what it takes to create a positive change in the language and literacy development of all our future ancestors.

The keys to success are based on research and intergenerational knowledge, and encapsulated in our four core facets: Direct Instruction, Precision Teaching, Prosocial (PAX) Skills, and Self-Directed Education. 

By starting at the community level, and building one Direct Instruction Literacy Coach at a time, we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of the data. For too long things have been stagnant - please join us in addressing the Global Literacy Challenge.
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We want you to have all of the information you need to help assist in learning more about our mission and what we have to offer. We understand that these decisions are important to you and your family. 
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