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Family Workshops

Family Workshops
All our workshops are open to the public. Whether you’re a homeschool family or your children attend public school. Whether you live in Alaska, or just wish you did. Everyone is welcome! Come join the community you've been looking for!!
Workshop #1

Fall Offering:
Finding Our Hearts

Next workshop Friday November 12th, 2021
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As Alaskans, particularly those of us who live in rural communities, we know how to come together when it really matters. Our Alaskan Oasis Homeschool Collective is our call to every parent out there homeschooling their children. 

We know that many of you are new to homeschooling, and have experienced first-hand the challenges within our educational system both as a child and as a parent. We invite every Alaskan, and wannabe, to our weekly workshops!

Workshop #2

Winter Offering: 
Hearting Our Charts

Available beginning January 7th, 2022
Available January 2022

Our Winter workshop offering, Hearting Our Charts, will introduce you and give you experience with Direct Instruction, Precision Teaching, and the Standard Celeration Chart. Three powerful and common sense tools!

These hands-on workshops will teach you to use practical tools for ensuring meaningful planning and progress in your relationships, families, and communities! It’s way more fun than it sounds! We promise!

Workshop #3

Spring Offering: 
Charting Our Hearts

Available beginning March 25th, 2022
Available March 2022

Our Spring workshop offering, Charting Our Hearts, will empower you with strategies for preparing yourself, your family, and your community for a thriving and sustainable future. We must know where we're going!

These hands-on workshops will focus on developing skills needed to plan for the future as individuals and as a collective! We aim to empower you to create change through action! Together we will plan how to get where we're going!